IT & BPO Service Providers (Pure Plays) face an uncomfortable future; maturation, stagnation, cannibalization and disintermediation figure large on the Indian Sub-Continent.

Talent scarcity; competition from other, cheaper locales; fractured client expectations and competitive pressure from Global IT Service Providers threaten the IT & BPO Service Provider industry inIndia.

 Is this True? What does this mean? Should I be concerned?

John Bolden, founder and principal consultant of TLIR Group, is intimately familiar with the mechanics, dynamics, optics and politics associated with in-country, virtual, near-shore and off-shore outsourcing.

John consults with organizations large and small on the benefits and pitfalls associated with outsourcing. His perspective reaches far beyond the business case; shining a light on upstream, downstream and parallel aspects of outsourcing that are typically overlooked, ignored or taken for granted whenever outsourcing is on the agenda…

Leader’s who truly understand the implications of what has to happen in order to realize the benefits associated with outsourcing are far better positioned to make the right outsourcing decision, realize their objectives and attain the results they were promised and that they promised to others.   

  John’s unbiased, independent viewpoint is refreshingly blunt, totally honest and harbours no hidden agenda. The rationale for why you choose to outsource is not in question – whether you have all the facts necessary in order for you to make certain that outsourcing meets expectations is another question entirely.

Contact John to schedule a private conversation, it will be a very wise investment of your time today and could save time, money and reputations tomorrow…