Looking for an off beat idea to rally the troops, build morale, create a moment of fun amidst the worries of the daily business? This treatment moves away from corporate transformation worries and concerns to present audiences with an ‘unusual’ subject that is an ideal agenda item for a management retreat, team building initiative or strategic transformation ‘kick-off’. John’s lifelong interest in military matters and his unique perspective of how and why history repeats itself on the battlefield and in the boardroom resulted in his developing a presentation that is engaging, entertaining and eye-opening. The session is framed by Sun Tzu’s tenets of warfare, each tenet sets the scene for a light hearted yet instructive comparative review of corporate transformation / business improvement projects that appear to echo the strategies, tactics and consequences of one or more military conflicts (500BC – 1945AD).  Audiences are transported into far flung realms of the past and present where Oracle (Ellison), Caesar, PeopleSoft (Conway), Vercingetorix, HP (Fiorina), Cornwallis, Nike (Knight), Patton, NPfIT (Gates/Blair), Xerxes and other illustrious icons of commerce/war are applauded and/or pilloried for their ambitions, ideas and outcomes…  Liberally scattered amidst the exemplars are thought provoking anecdotes and observations from John’s own experiences in the military and in the boardroom. Ever wondered what it was like to meet and speak with Rudolf Hess on a daily basis? Ever wondered what one would speak about when taking tea with the Queen and Prince Philip? Ever wondered what to do to build staff morale, what to do to provide a refreshing and energizing break from the day-to-day grind for your people, what to do to set the scene for the next big transformation effort?

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